Rebranding: New Year, New You

Posted in Branding by Jaime Nacach

The Internet is forever...

Everything you say, write, post, and do is forever immortalized in some digital archive, hard drive, or server somewhere in the world. Presuppositions of who each of us are, become set firm in stone with each passing moment. How do you break your brand away from a label you’ve been attributed, when you want to change your function or improve a poor public image?

Partial or Full Rebrand: Function and Design

The whole purpose of rebranding is to reposition your business in a way that you think would better serve your changing or preferred audience. This can be done by simply changing the visual design and philosophy of your brand, or by changing the function of the brand so it that fits your new vision.

Each approach calls for a different set of tactics. At this moment in time, my agency, Bloominari, is narrowing its focus on Marketing Automation under the larger umbrella of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing technologies are constantly advancing, so it is important to rely on automation to stay ahead of the curve. By improving efficiency and lightening the burden of menial tasks that come with marketing your business, you may place your focus on the most critical areas of business development and marketing.

Changing or narrowing your focus could be better for your business if you feel that:

  • The new function of your business will attract more or higher quality leads
  • Narrowing your focus will allow you to better promote your brand and reach a greater niche market
  • Your current function has become obsolete
  • There is too much competition in the market where your current focus lies
  • Your brand has an unfortunate history of providing poor service with your current business offerings

Now, rebranding your function could be messy if it is anything more than a slight change or refocus. A complete overhaul of your business could mean replacing your current staff and dropping some of your clients that are not in line with your new direction. Changing the design of your brand presents its own challenges, but will largely be an easier feat, if done properly. The colors, fonts, graphics might all need an overhaul if you’ve been using the same ones for a decade. It may even be worthwhile to invest in a brand style guide for your business if you don’t already have one.

Changing the design of your brand might be a good decision if you:

  • Recently changed your business’ core function and your current logo, color scheme, and design do not reflect your new function or values.
  • Your design is simply dated; plenty of other popular companies go through sleight or drastic branding changes, such as McDonalds, Sprint, and Pepsi in order to stay fresh.
  • Your current brand has been attributed with a negative stigma that will be hard to distance it from based off of poor business practices, scandal, a lawsuit, etc.

Putting it in Action

After deciding how and why you want to rebrand your business, you must create a cohesive marketing plan to execute, so that your new and old audiences better understand why you made the changes. Depending on how large or old your company is, you’ll find that many may resist or oppose the initial change. You must be confident with releasing the new brand and ensure that you communicate your change across any and all platforms you regularly interact with as a business. This means your website, social media, blogs, magazines, etc.

In addition to any outgoing communications and marketing content, it is also important to make sure that, “internal processes and procedures are appropriate given the new brand messaging, or determine that they need to be altered in some way.” It is important to instill any new vision and process for the new brand in your company’s infrastructure, employees, and operations. It will dually make you more efficient and the rebrand more convicting.

If your business is slow or stale, don’t be afraid to try your hand at a rebrand, whether on a small or large scale. Just make sure to take the appropriate steps and avoid the pitfalls a rebrand can possess.

To learn more about rebranding your business, or Bloominari’s developing focus on business automation, talk to our team.

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