Curation 43

Posted in Articles by Jed Bridges

This weeks curation of awesomeness is brought to you by Elevator’s Graphic Designer, Jed Bridges!

Awesome Sites

B&O Play Audio Products
Design should be all about the user. The photography and art direction of B&O Play perfectly display the different personalities of their users.

Awesome Products

Burner App
Need to get off the grid? Burner lets you create anonymous phone numbers to use so you can keep your personal number private.

Awesome Design

Google I/O | Cognitive Science and Design
This talk explains why we need to understand the mind to design. As a piece of hardware, the mind has strengths and weaknesses that we can take advantage of.

Awesome Ads

Pepsi Harmony
Pepsi does an amazing job creating a festive ad while respecting the culture of their audience.

Awesome Articles

The History of Flat Design
Did you know the flat design movement started before modern computers even existed?

Awesome Dev

Animated Headlines by CodyHouse
This suite of typographic transitions adds to any story.

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