Packaging is Part of the Experience... Experience is Key to the Product

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When Heinz pondered how they could invigorate sales of a product that almost never changes (their ketchup), they decided they would address a key complaint that had been around for years - people disliked the packaging of the 'ketchup packets'. For years consumers said the packets were too small, too messy, too hard to open, and you couldn't use them for 'dipping.'

Their solution was to revamp the packaging to address these complaints and in the process they ended up changing the product. No, they didn't change the ketchup itself - they only changed the packaging and how one interacts with it, which is to say they changed the "experience." Heinz is a very smart company because they realize that while almost nobody would want them to change the 'product' (or what most people see as the 'product', the ketchup itself), they could, in fact, change the experience with the product (which is a HUGE part of 'the product').

The result is fun, new packaging that, not only, addresses the key packaging complaints, it changes the way people think about Heinz.

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