Repairing the Bridge Between Sales and Marketing Through Lead Generation

Posted in Marketing by Jaime Nacach

In the digital marketplace, the gross oversaturation of content is evident. With the volume of products and services being offered to consumers, consumers are becoming numb to the sales and marketing tactics that attempt to engage them.

If you have spent time in an introductory sales job or call-center position, you know how soul crushing it can be to face the inevitable rejection you experience searching for leads -- especially when you wholeheartedly believe in what you’re selling.

One of the basic foundations of sales is creating and communicating the value of what you are selling, to whom you are selling it to. That is where marketing automation comes in.

Ascertaining Value

Even though consumers are becoming more resistant to advertising and sales tactics, they are definitely not immune to them. In many cases, consumers have expressed their appreciation for marketing content that was tailored towards their needs.  Sometimes online marketing content will ask the consumer to indicate whether they want to see more or less of an ad based on the consumer's interests.

By utilizing CRM and marketing automation tools we can determine what value is being provided to consumers by:

  • Systematically studying the digital behaviors of consumers, we target (where they’ve clicked on a webpage, how many times they clicked, what they purchased, reviews, etc.).
  • Define a target audience by creating a customer profile based on behaviors exhibited by the consumers that have the highest conversion rates.
  • Automate the process of generating a list of higher quality leads for the sales team to pursue.
  • Watch your sales and conversions go up!

If you haven’t been collecting consumer data in some way shape or form, what are you doing?! Consumer data is worth its weight in gold in the digital age! Find the e-mail marketing software that is right for you, develop a landing page, and get started.

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This is where the connection between sales and marketing comes into play. The sales team cannot perform at their best if sub-par leads are being funneled to them from the marketing team. At the same time, the marketing team cannot build a successful customer profile and lead gen strategy without the customer data that the sales team can provide.

The success of your lead generation tools depends on how detailed you make it. For example, you can create a follow up email that will go out to anyone who has clicked on a link once or twice and didn’t convert or make a purchase. If you lack basic follow up messages, you lose an opportunity to capture viable leads.

Ideally, like any other industry, automation will save your company money by reducing the amount of man-hours it takes to generate ideal leads. That being said, like any other machine it should be shut off to periodically evaluate its performance, fine tune parts, grease the gears, etc. When your automation is “shut off”,  use that time to alter the language of automated e-mails to better communicate the value of your product or service to consumers in an effort to increase your conversion rates.

Catch up to the curve and develop the marketing automation strategy that will generate quality leads!

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