Five Ways Live Chat Can Increase Sales

Posted in Marketing by Tony Medrano

Discovering how to efficiently locate, convert, and retain top customers is critical for any growing company. Most leaders of online retailers know this, but rapidly changing consumer behavior and technological innovation make perfect execution difficult.

The answer is in delighting your customers by providing them with individual attention. This can be accomplished through live chat sales and customer service. However, a recent Oracle survey noted that only 40 percent of businesses that participated currently employ a live chat platform.

Here are five reasons why your company should use live chat.


Consumers are shifting their attention away from social media and towards messaging apps. eMarketer predicts that in just two years, 65 percent of the global population will use messaging apps. Today’s online shopper wants an easy way to get support and a fast response to their inquiry. Forrester reports that 55 percent of adults abandon online purchases if they can’t find a quick answer to a question, with 77 percent stating that good online customer service is the most important thing a company can do for them. Connecting with website visitors through live chat also takes less time and human resources than phone support. Moreover, a Zendesk Benchmark report states that 92 percent of chat conversations receive a positive satisfaction rating.

Online retailers that can better provide for their customers’ needs by using live support benefit greatly in both sales and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Cost of Customer Care

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Not only is it more convenient for customers to get support with a live chat platform, but it can also save your business a lot of money. According to Business Insider, insurance sales could save 60 percent and financial services could cut costs by 46 percent. These figures don’t even factor in the use of artificial intelligence platforms that supply chat agents with crucial information during customer engagements to enhance this experience even further. Companies may very well witness even greater results in the process.

Attracting a Younger Demographic

It’s not surprising that the first generation to grow up using instant messaging apps prefers to shop and get sales support online. Despite having less overall purchasing power than the previous generation, millennials spend the most money online, averaging $2,000 in individual spending annually. Given the market share millennials represent for online retail, developing a modern online engagement strategy will enable your company to access the largest proportion of the online sales market.

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Increased Conversion Rates

Live chat can increase sales by driving conversion rates. A Business Insider intelligence survey shows that 60 percent of consumers have decided not to make a purchase because of weak customer service. The key to growing your company’s sales through live chat is aligning your technology to support your live chat sales efforts instead of replacing them with sales chatbots. The best results happen when a live chat sales agent works together with artificial intelligence to create friendly, positive communication that can be personally tailored to a customer based on his or her habits and purchase history.

Increased Engagement

Offering live chat for your customers can increase website conversion by increasing visitor engagement with your brand. In a brick and mortar store, customers who are greeted by employees spend more time in the store than those who aren’t. In the virtual world of e-commerce, live chat sales agents can assume this role by politely greeting new visitors or offering help if a guest leaves their shopping cart idle for too long.

Utilizing both live chat sales agents and artificial intelligence will provide the best live chat experience for your customer. It will exponentially reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction, as well as sales and conversion rates.

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