5 Things You Must Know To Create Robust Buyer Personas

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5 research tips to get the right information for building excellent buyer personas.

Before you can speak the same language as your target audience, you need to gain a firm understanding of who they are. By creating powerful tools called personas, you can transform facts and statistics about your potential buyers in to fictional profiles that characterize your real and prospective customers.

Personas give you a more personal connection to customers.

The exercise of developing personas brings your ideal consumer to life for your marketing team—and even gives them a face and a name, if you choose. But before you can craft an accurate persona for your brand, you need to do your research. Not to worry, we’ve assembled some quick tips to help you lay the groundwork.

Five tips to research buyer personas:

  1. Capture the data 
    Set up strategically chosen form fields on your web site or on in-store feedback cards to gather key demographics, such as age and household income range, and psychographics, such as a favorite product or preferred time to shop. 
  2. Consult your staff
    Leverage the experiences and feedback of your customer-facing employees and use a method called affinity mapping to collect and chart their insights on customer needs, preferences and attributes.
  3. Study online behavior 
    Learn the thoughts and opinions of your target audience by searching the appropriate online forums, conducting keyword research and following social media activity.
  4. Use internal data to observe trends 
    Take advantage of your existing customer data and purchase history to identify trends about how when, why and for what purpose customers are coming to your business.
  5. Ask customers their opinions 
    Perhaps the most accurate way to learn about your customers is to request information from them directly. If you come across as friendly and non-invasive, they may be willing to complete a quick online survey, participate in an in-person or phone interview, or take part in a focus group.

With this research in place, you’ll be well informed and prepared to begin writing your buyer personas more accurately and efficiently.If you haven't yet defined Buyer Personas for your organization, you should  stop "marketing" right now and do that first. To make this process easy,  check-out the Buyer Personas Guide and Templates.

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