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Use your ad dollars wisely, and only advertise to your
best opportunities.
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Replace Ineffective Marketing with Highly Targeted Paid Media

Only advertise to your best opportunities. With paid media, you’ll attract right buyers to right content and offerings.
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Find a Shortcut for Driving Valuable Traffic

Organic growth is a critical part of your long-term marketing strategy.

However, driving awareness and differentiation with SEO takes time. You’ll need weeks and even many months to build your brand’s authority with an

But when you need to quickly fill your pipeline with qualified leads…time is of the essence.

The good news is, there’s another way to easily drive qualified buyers to your content and offerings and help your brand gain recognition in a crowded marketplace.

get quick results

There’s no need to wait for online visitors to trickle in.

With paid media, you can easily put your message in front of the right the right time. From Google Ads and LinkedIn to boosted Facebook posts, we’ll help you capture the attention of online users who match your target buyer persona and drive them to your brand. But even more importantly, we’ll ensure your paid media is connected to a larger strategy.

Using The Elevator Formula, we’ll create elevators within your company. These elevators are centered around one buyer persona and one pain point, and they’re designed to raise your website strangers to the relationship level of satisfied customers.

That means you can rest assured.

When it comes to your paid media, we won’t launch your campaigns in a vacuum, randomly executing tactics without a strategy. With The Elevator Formula, paid media will be an integral part of how you generate opportunities and increase conversions.

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Target Qualified Leads to Fill Your Pipeline

Paid Media Strategy

Launch pay-per-click campaigns focused on a single goal—attracting the right leads for your elevator. At Elevator, we’re not interested in increasing clicks unless your paid media empowers the results that matter. When you partner with our team, you’ll gain our strategic insights into leveraging PPC campaigns to generate qualified opportunities.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Let the creator of the world’s most popular search engine reach your buyers with highly targeted ads. With Google AdWords, your paid media efforts will be laser-focused on the online visitors who closely match your buyer personas...a cost-effective tactic that can reap big rewards. Rely on our expertise in AdWords to quickly drive visitors to your content as well as our expertise in other PPC channels.

Paid Social Media

Increase your chances of connecting with ideal buyers on social media. Gone are the days of publishing a post—and hoping for increased conversions. Paid social media allows you to target the best opportunities for your company on the social platforms your buyers love. From Facebook to LinkedIn, we’ll help you raise awareness for your brand.


Retargeting and Remarketing Ads

Stay top-of-mind with your ideal buyers. Retargeting (also known as remarketing) ads give buyers a second chance to visit your content...and convert. At Elevator, we can help you take advantage of this easy way to increase traffic and PPC conversions.




Slash the Effort It Takes to
Drive Valuable Traffic

Watch paid media easily increase your traffic and become the powerful sidekick of your optimization efforts.
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